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About us

About us

Wear Your Brand is a company specializing in creating high quality accessories for delivery persons, unique uniforms and other promotional products. Our team only works with excellent products and trustworthy partners, because for us indisputable quality and rightfully satisfied customers are of utmost importance. We offer our clients key solutions. With our professional know-how and creative perspective, we can perfect our clients’ ideas and visions. For us, there is no such thing as impossible!

Unique products

Unique products

Stand out in a crowd!

Whether its work clothes or work equipment, we’ll help you say good-bye to the gray and ordinary, because you can be so much more! You are all that’s necessary! Emphasize your business’ uniqueness with a personalized logo and design! A simple black coat can become a special, one-of-a-kind piece by which your business is instantly recognizable. Forget dime-a-dozen solutions, choose something unmistakeable, uniform appearance in the highest quality!

Unique implementation

Unique creations

Just as you like!

Our own team of designers create the desired product based on your special and unique requirements, as regards both appearance and functionality. We will come up with an entirely unique concept just for you which will shout your business’ spirit and character from the rooftops. We do all this in the highest quality. Is this possible? If you aren’t sure your idea can be implemented, you’ve come to the right place, because for us, nothing is impossible!

Our products

Quality, comfort, uniqueness

Our accessories for delivery persons are made according to three basic characteristics. Our durable and sturdy premium material products are ready for any unexpected situation and solve any problems that may arise. You can always count on the safety that the best quality provides. Apart from appearance we make our products according to personal requirements (the composition of the fabric, its weight, size) taking into account its future functionality.


Bags, coats, t-shirts, uniforms…and anything you may need! Just imagine what you would like and we will work to make your ideas a reality!

Our products


A satisfied customer is the most important.

Uber eats

London, United Kingdom

Our basic requirement was a durable food transportation backpack emblazoned with our logo that can withstand all environmental circumstances. Wear Your Brand was where we received the best offer for the best value. Before ordering we received a sample of each which showed us what the finished bags and coats would be like. We loved the fact that instead of a standard product we got a uniquely composed product made to size. The team took into account our every little request and carried them out with no problems. We are maximally satisfied, thank you!

Marketing Empire

Manchester, United Kingdom

We were looking for a unique uniform for our colleagues to wear at a company event. It was important that these clothes withstand inclement weather. We wanted t-shirts, visibility vests and coats personalized with our own logos and design. After contacting several companies, only Wear Your Brand was able to implement our ideas. . The quality was perfect and the value unbeatable. We’re very grateful to them and highly recommend them!

AH Wheels

Berlin, Germany

First we ordered t-shirts with our logo on them from Wear Your Brand. We were convinced of their high quality work, so we ordered our wheel bags from them as well. The end results was perfect! We were pleased that the designer team suggested some creative ideas which allowed us to really make the most of the project. I would like to emphasize the quick and safe delivery. I believe we made the best decision when we chose Wear Your Brand!